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Discover Crystal Traditions, one of the attractions in Tiffin dedicated to keeping the glass heritage alive in Ohio.

Tiffin Glass PostcardThe history of the Tiffin Glass Factory starts back in 1889 when A.J. Beatty of the renowned A.J. Beatty & Sons glass factory in Steubenville, Ohio built a factory in Tiffin. Mr. Beatty chose Tiffin because he was promised five years of free natural gas. The original capacity of Beatty's glass factory was reported to be 500,000 pieces per week. In 1892 the factory merged with United States Glass Company and the Tiffin plant was known as Factory R. It was one of nineteen owned by U.S. Glass. After U.S. Glass closed, the Tiffin Glass factory went through many owners. The final sale was to Towle Silversmiths. The factory closed permanently in October 1984. At the Tiffin Glass Museum, visitors can enjoy the beautiful pieces produced over the years in the original factory.

Crystal Tradition Store FrontIn 1983, after the close of production at the factory, a studio shop was opened to keep alive the art of glass making; equipment and molds from the Tiffin Glass Factory were purchased to help start the project. In 1992, the studio moved into a larger facility to be able to expand production and services.

In 1997, the corporation became known as Crystal Traditions of Tiffin, Inc. Now tourists can visit Tiffin, which is known all over the world for its fine crystal, and see the beauty of the past at the Glass Museum and the making of new creations at Crystal Traditions.

At Crystal Traditions, visitors can watch the ancient old art of glass making. Eric Cromwell, nationally known gaffer, creates many one-of-a-kind pieces and demonstrates glass blowing for guests.

Close Up CuttingGreen Paper WeightIn addition, master craftsman, Aidan Scully, who apprenticed under Edward Flavin, one of the first five apprentices from Waterford, performs the intricate art of hand cutting glass and crystal pieces.

Together, Eric and Aidan have over forty years of glass making experience. Sandcarving, another engraving technique, is utilized in producing awards, trophies, incentives and corporate gifts. Finally, Crystal Traditions offers acid polishing services to glass artists and manufacturers.

Hawkes Logo on GlassCrystal Traditions is continuing the tradition of the Brilliant Era of glass cutting through their Hawkes line of crystal. T.G. Hawkes & Co. was founded by Thomas Gibson Hawkes and incorporated in 1880. During its 82-year history, the T.G. Hawkes & Co was recognized for its quality and excellence in crystal. Hawkes designed and produced pieces for royalty and presidents. In 1964, the assets of T.G. Hawkes & Co. of Corning, New York was acquired by Tiffin Art Glass Company. In 1989, it was registered by the company known today as Crystal Traditions. The Hawkes line is marked with the Hawkes logo.

This Tiffin-based company is located at 145 Madison Street, in the heart of the historic downtown district. The main showroom contains exemplary pieces of Eric's and Aidan's work, as well as crystal giftware from many other countries. The outlet allows customers to browse through many seconds, closeouts, discontinued and lower-end items.

For additional information or to schedule a group tour, please call 888-298-7236 or email us.

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